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IOC-IODE Recommendation for SIMORC 

9 May 2006

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC) adopted a policy on oceanographic data exchange to promote and to facilitate a wide availability and access to oceanographic and marine data and information to enhance marine research, exploitation and development worldwide.

It is therefore proud to be a partner in SIMORC through its International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange Programme (IOC/IODE).

Taking into account IOC’s data policy, the objectives of SIMORC and its potential benefits, and activities underway and planned, the IOC/IODE strongly recommends (co-) owners of oil industry metocean data sets (governmental and private) to participate in the SIMORC project and service. Moreover, IOC/IODE strongly encourages (co-)owners to agree to contribute their (co-owned) data sets to become part of the SIMORC resource.

This has been written down in an official IOC/IODE recommendation letter, which is attached.

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Download: 06-26_ioc_iode_letter.pdf