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SIMORC prototype under evaluation by project partners 

26 July 2006

The SIMORC service consists of an index metadatabase and a database of actual Metocean data sets, that together are accessible through the Internet. The public index metadatabase features a geographic–alphanumeric user interface to locate interesting data sets easily. The data sets are stored in a secure way and access to data is regulated. Specifications of the user interface and logistics of the dialogue and transaction process have been worked out. Based upon these, a prototype of the SIMORC service has been developed. This is now online and available for testing and evaluation by the project partners and OGP members.

A public launch of the SIMORC service with real data sets is planned for end of September 2006. From that point onwards the number of data sets, offered by SIMORC, will increase steadily as part of the ongoing QC process and the ongoing submission of data sets. Additional functionality will be added to the SIMORC back-office system for administering and analysing transactions.