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SIMORC Service agreement signed! 

10 December 2008

The SIMORC Service contract has been signed by the first 3 oil & gas companies, Shell, Total and BP. The contract is organised as a Limited Interest Project (LIP) agreement in which OGP members can participate. The contract regulates the operational services of SIMORC, which are executed by MARIS and BODC as SIMORC operators.

SIMORC facilitates systematic indexing of industry metocean datasets and results of field studies, providing easy overview and regulated access to available datasets in harmonised formats for any user. It also facilitates systematic archival and long-term stewardship of industry metocean datasets, including taking measures against degrading of storage media and safeguarding their on-going availability.

Next to its public function, SIMORC can function as extranet for its LIP members to manage their metocean data sets and to make these available for downloading by their own staff, in an efficient way and no matter where they are located on the globe.