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Transaction register 

The registered user should regularly check the SIMORC Transaction Register, which gives an overview of its submitted order requests, recent and historic, their status of processing, their approval / non-approval, and a uniq URL per approved data set for downloading. Each URL is de-activated after successful downloading.

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The SIMORC Transaction Register is also used by the SIMORC data owners to oversee order requests, that are specifically addressed to them, the status of processing, and to give in their approval / non-approval, including explanation, to specific requests. The SIMORC Transaction Register also provides the owners an overview of all downloads and their users.

As explained in the chapter on Registration distinction is made in access for scientific and non-scientific users as well as in data sets with restricted access (RS) and access under license (LI). These principles are implemented in the Transaction Register for further processing of each request.

Priviledged access for data providers:

Staff from data providers has priviledged access to their own data sets. This implies that staff from Shell, Total and BP have unrestricted access to the data sets in SIMORC that are originating from their companies. This way SIMORC not only functions as a clearing house for industry metocean data but also as company database system. Staff members of Shell, Total and BP are encouraged to contact SIMORC to get their logon details.